Keighley Film Club is a collective of film enthusiasts and film fans in and around the Airedale area. We decided to organise a club with the intention of holding at least one screening each month. Initially we were based at the Arts Exchange and Central Hall on Alice Street in Keighley, but we have since formed a partnership and friendship with Northern Morris Cinemas to move our screenings to the Keighley Picture House (http://keighley.nm-cinemas.co.uk/) on North Street. Our remit includes social documentaries, arthouse and independent films though we do screen more popular films that may not otherwise be screened locally.

We aim to show the kind of films that you would otherwise have to travel to a distant arthouse cinema to see. We pride ourselves on an extremely varied program. One month we could be showing the provocative drama;  the next month it could romantic or an art film and the month after that it could be a gritty documentary. We aim to balance our agreed range of genre’s within each programme and check we are not duplicating the Picture Houses main programme.

We can only provide what will be popular if you tell us. We therefore look forward to hearing from you all about future film suggestions or any feedback you may have for us. We particularly thank those who have returned our questionaires which we send out twice yearly. Want to be kept up-to -date then email us to get on our mailing list. Better still – join as a member and get a free screening plus a regular reduction in ticket price.

You may read of film reviews here that are not part of our approved programme for the season. Always check the current years programme to find our next screening.

Contact Info:

Email: kly.film.club@gmail.com
Phone: 07794 371160 or 07946 485482
Web: www.keighleyfilmclub.com
Twitter: @KlyFilmClub
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KeighleyFilmClub

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