Ringu, the original Ring movie and then even the American rehash The Ring was creepy and well executed. Anything after that was a watered down attempt to recapture the fear. 

By 2017 the whole king black haired creepy ghost thing is old. I did however look forward to be in Samara’s company again for this sequel.

Just like the recent Blair Witch Project addition, it’s great to be back on the familiar ground and while both franchise sequels give 50% of the fun again, the other 50% just falls flat. 

Rings shows the originals most creepy effect at the start of the film which subsequently kills the reveal with no build up. 
The film begins with a bunch of people forming a sort of club who have all seen the movie and have done sort of help group at passing the curse on. This is all led by a student teacher who is running The Samara Expetiment. 


The film plays close to the original in the quest to uncover Samaras troubled past to quieten her spirit.
Unfortunately I didn’t find this scary AT ALL. But I admit I enjoyed it all the same. 
A totally averagely entertaining horror which may make you revisit the original. 

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