The Diary Of A Teenage Girl (2015)

Director : Marielle Heller 

Running time 1hr 42

Cast: Minnie- Bel Powley

Charlotte – Kristen Wigg

Monroe- Alexander Skarsgard
In the time of the hangover from the excess of the 60’s, a young girl, Minnie (Bel Powley) discovers firstly her sexuality and then other vices which is understandable since her mother Charlotte (Kristen Wigg) is always doped up on something. The film wastes no time in having Minnie announce to her little tape recorder that she’s just had sex- with her mothers boyfriend Monroe played by Alexander Skarsgard. Whilst at first this struck me as distasteful, the film itself has no judgements about it. This is a journey of one girls blossoming into adulthood and has a comical angle through emotional highs and lows interspersed with animation and dream like sequences to show what’s in Minnie’s head. Minnie is in charge of the situation mostly and so there’s less of an icky feeling as it goes on. Look, it’s very sex central, I’m not gonna lie. But it’s one a bunch of awards. This is an honest reflection of discovering what’s out there in the big wide world teenagers are thrown into. The movie wonderfully captures the vulnerability and the headstrong selfishness of youth.

C Whitehouse

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