Film Review: Still Life 

Film Club Screening, COMING SUNDAY 20th March   90 mins at 6.00pm

Dir: Uberto Pasolini

Cast:  Eddie Marsan – John May

Joanne Froggatt – Kelly Stoke

Eddie Marsan plays John May, a council case worker whose job it is to find the next of kin for people who die alone with seemingly no family. John is meticulous and through to give the best send off to the clients that is possible. It’s ironic though, because John has no family himself and is almost setting himself up for a demise to match his subjects. That is until his last case has him meet a young lady called Kelly, played by Joanne Froggatt who is the daughter of the latest passed loner. Suddenly a spark is lit and there’s a glimmer of hope on the horizon for Mr May.

The film uses tones of greys and blues to paint both Johns workplace and his homestead. The film is like a peaceful stroll through a graveyard on a summers day. It’s a lightly uplifting yet subtly sad observation about the forgotten living and the lives they lived no matter how loved they were in life.

John has worked for Lambeth Council for many years but in times of greater efficiency ie down-sizing, is to be made redundant; however he finds himself on a liberating journey of self discovery that will make him question everything and start living life at last.



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